Article by Craig Guthrie

Source : Mining Magazine 

Japan-based Geoscience Enterprise (GSE) plans to partner with Canadian geological software company Mira Geoscience on offering 3D earth modelling technology to companies planning mineral exploration projects in East Asia.

Geoscience Enterprise will introduce and market Mira Geoscience’s earth modelling technology in Japan and Taiwan under a new sales agreement that targets demand for geothermal and mineral exploration.

“Mira Geoscience’s services and software … will have many suitable applications in the Japanese and Taiwanese geothermal industries,” said Geoscience Enterprise.

“[But] there is also a revival of mineral exploration in Japan with major gold producers entering the country and targeting its most promising districts. Mira’s long-standing experience with most of the major mining companies in the world can play a part in bringing back Japan on the mineral resources producers’ map.”

The Mira products Geoscience Enterprise plans to bring to East Asia include the GOCAD Mining Suite, Geoscience ANALYST, Geoscience INTEGRATOR, VP Geophysics Suite, and UBC-GIF.

Canadian miner Japan Gold has stated previously that the main islands of Hokkaido, Honshu and Kyushu have at least six distinct epithermal gold provinces hosting more than 70 historically producing gold mines, including five with deposits of over 1 million oz.