Marine Geosciences

Within the team of our partner, Iceland GeoSurvey, knowledge of the geology of the seafloor is a prerequisite for sensible use of its natural resources; such as building materials, metals, geothermal heat, and oil- or gas reservoirs.

At Iceland GeoSurvey, a large group of earth scientists has in the last decades built a highly specialized knowledge base concerning acquisition and interpretation of marine research data.

Amongst Iceland GeoSurvey’s projects are consultancy to the authorities on the definition of the continental shelf outside 200 nautical miles, participation in researches on oil and gas in Northern Iceland, and consultancy on exclusive licenses for research and extraction of carbohydrates.

In collaboration with Iceland GeoSurvey, GSE provides the following marine geoscience surveying and interpretation services:

- Marine geology and mapping- Sediment research- Gravimetry- Magnetic measurements- Seismic reflection- Seismic refraction- Multibeam echo soundings- Continental Shelf Research