Biogas - Waste to Power

With the growing global awareness of the need for sustainability, calls have been made to shift from a traditional linear economy to a more sustainable biobased circular economy. The fantastic opportunity to use organic waste conjunctively for energy generation, food production, and other biomaterials production arose from this.

At GSE, our commitment to responsible resources development naturally predisposed us to launch into this niche and bring our contribution to a more sustainable world. Our Bioprocess/ biogas experts specialize in Waste to Energy project development.

Whether in Biowaste (manure, food waste, food industry waste, etc.) to energy projects or Agriculture waste (crop residues, dedicated energy crops, etc.) to energy projects, we bring you the best solutions and ensure your success.

Our Biogas services include:

- Biowaste/biomass potential assessment- Biowaste/biomass characterization- Biogas potential assessment and feasibility study- Biogas project techno-economic feasibility study- Pretreatment of Biomass/biowaste- Optimization of biogas plants