Modern demands call for water protection as well as sustainable use of freshwater resources. Our partner, Iceland GeoSurvey, has expertise in this field and possesses a track record of advising waterworks, fish farms and bottling companies on freshwater and groundwater research. Iceland GeoSurvey has also been involved in projects directed at the demarcation of water protection areas and the monitoring of groundwater pollution. Moreover, Iceland GeoSurvey has experience in exploration for other types of water, such as for industrial uses and fire protection, warm water and brine.

In collaboration with Iceland GeoSurvey, GSE carries out mapping of water drainage, groundwater systems and groundwater flow where an outline of the interaction of surface and subsurface flow and rock formations is given. For planning, environmental assessments and construction, hydrogeology maps are used. We measure the discharge of boreholes and springs and perform chemical analyses of potable water and other freshwater resources.

Our main services related to groundwater include:

- Exploration for freshwater and aquifers- Siting of boreholes- Design of boreholes and wells- Assessments of water requirements- Analysis of water quality- Measurements of groundwater pollution- Advice on waterworks structures