Geothermal Resource Assessment

In geothermal resource assessment are involved studies for the assessment of the nature and energy production capacity of geothermal systems.

At any given time, or stage in the development of a system, it is based on the data available. These can be surface exploration data, results of drilling exploration and production wells, as well as production monitoring data.

In collaboration with Iceland GeoSurvey, GSE offers a wide range of services for the geothermal resource assessment phase:

- Conceptual modelling

Conceptual models are developed based on available data and their interpretation. They summarize the available understanding in one unified model of the nature and characteristics of the system. For the siting of wells in the field, conceptual models are used. They provide the basis for static and dynamic numerical reservoir modelling as well.

- Volumetric assessment

This type of assessment evaluates the energy production potential of a system (static modelling). The so-called Monte Carlo method is applied in most of the cases.

- Geothermal system modelling

The range of methods used goes from simple analytical models and lumped parameter models to the more complex distributed parameter numerical models. The goal is to simulate the nature and production response of a geothermal system and to estimate the system’s energy production potential.

- Reinjection effects estimation

This is done by numerical modelling and the optimum well location.

- Production evaluation

Characterizes the reservoir fluid based on its chemical characteristics and the prevailing reservoir conditions.

- Field development optimization

Performed on the basis of the results of the above phases, as well as other relevant studies.