Drilling Consultancy

Our partner, Iceland GeoSurvey, has extensive experience in the assessment of all surveys and results from previous drilling to advise customers on drilling location and program.

Drilling consultant, well site geologist, logging expert and tools for down-hole measurements during drilling can be provided by GSE. In addition to the standard geothermal drilling consultancy and well site support, we offer expertise in overcoming drilling problems.

The findings are presented in a comprehensive Drilling Report. Various tests are made at the end of drilling to assess the outcome. All information is presented in such a way that it can later be used for integrated studies and conceptual modelling.

GSE, in collaboration with Iceland GeoSurvey, offers full scale drilling services on the following items:

- Selection of well site and description of the well target

Based on various surface exploration data.

- Design of drilling programs

We provide advice on the most appropriate drilling technology to be applied and ways to overcome drilling problems. The expected drilling conditions, including specification on the casing program, drilling fluids, cementing, measurements to be carried out etc, are described.

- Mud logging and onsite geological consulting

Binocular and microscopic analysis of the cuttings are carried out by wellsite geologists to identify the alteration minerals. They map the downhole stratification, geothermal alteration, intrusions and geological relations of aquifers. Lithological and alteration logs are prepared together with a plot of drilling information from the rig. These data are first analyzed and interpreted on site for preliminary estimation of formation temperature and structure. Daily reports are issued.

- Well logging and well orientation measurements

We have a full line of geophysical logging instruments and the trucks and tools to deploy them. The logs give information on the permeable structures and general conditions in the well and are also used in the elucidation of the stratigraphy, alteration, and intrusion history of the reservoir. These tools are run into the hole at casing points to log each section of the well as it is drilled, taking advantage of the temporary cooling of the well by the drilling mud. To solve drilling problems, additional measurements are made. Gyroscopic surveys, carried out to steer the directional drilling and later to confirm the well track are a special class of measurements.

- Well injection test and stimulation

It is recommended to carry out a short injection test at the end of the drilling to find out how permeable the openings in the well are. We offer consulting on the design of this injection test as well as recommendations on how to perform a stimulation program if necessary. For example, that could include thermal cracking, hydrofracturing, and acidizing.